8 Amazing Spring Smokey Eye Ideas for Modern Women

All you need this spring is a perfect new look! Let’s get the smokey eye that gives a dramatic, daring, and bold look to your beautiful face. Any color can be used to make the smokey look. Just make sure you have a minimum of three gradient colors to be blended smoothly. Let’s be creative and take a look at 8 amazing spring smokey eye ideas for modern women bellow!

1. Blue Line Smokey Eyes

Look at this elegant and edgy smokey eye! The classic brown, gold and black color are freshened up by an appealing light-blue eyeliner. Plus, blend highlighter at the inner V of your eye. What a wonderful idea to transform such simplicity into a modern look beauty.


2. The Smokey Copper

For a formal occasion such as work or fine dinner, copper tones smokey eye is the best choice. Blend the russet reds with bronze, copper, and gold. It definitely will go well with any skin tones and clothes color.


3. The Gorgeous Gold

Attending a formal evening party? This glamour-golden look is the way to go. Sweep a matte brown eyeshadow as the base. Afterward, touch it with shimmery gold on the center lid to give your eyes the twinkling look. Finally, use black color to give the smokey shade.


4. The Natural Soft Pink

From formal events to casual hangouts with friends, this natural soft pink smokey eye is one of the best options. Three simple colors blend perfectly; the nude, pink, and dark brown. Now that your color is locked in, define your eye with black eyeliner.


5. The Smokey Violet

Just like the beauty of purple anemone, you can walk around confidently wearing this simple yet stunning makeup. A perfect combination of violet hue and brown shade. The key point here is to blend the eyeshadow softly and perfectly. A smokey eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines.


6. Glimmering Blue Ocean

Super stylish and stunning smokey eye! With shimmering light blue eyeshadows and brown smokey shades. Just like the water at the ocean, sparkling beautifully upon the bright sunshine. By this look, you’re ready to share a mesmerizing gaze at the party.


7. Bold Purple Smokey Eyes

A chic modern yet retro look. The bold purple color stunningly pops up for your pretty eyes. It blended smoothly with dark purple, brown shadow, and touched up by gold spark at the corner of the eye. Let’s go, girls, you are ready for the spotlight!


8. The Stunning Sunflower

Let your eyes introduce the bright and beautiful spring to the world. Applying the yellow hue—from lighter to darker—will satisfy your sophisticated craving looks. Here, we will remind you that your smokey shade doesn’t have to be black or brown all the time.


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