8 Cute Floral Nail Art Design Ideas for Winter to Spring

What could be a better idea to welcome spring other than flower? People usually wait eagerly for spring, because there are lots of flowers that only bloom in spring. In order to express those pretty flowers, you can check this list of 8 cute floral nail art ideas for winter to spring. A lot of people think that floral nail art design are amazing, yet cute at the same time. So, which one is your favourite?

1. Floral Decorations for A Daring Spring

If you think that a floral nail art design is too hard to draw on your nail, why don’t you use other thing? Like a patch, made from textile which is soft and easy to apply on your manicured nails! A patch like this is available in various designs an sizes. Obviously, you could find any kinds of patch that you want to stick on your nails! In order to make it looks even more beautiful, you can top it with a matte top coat and use small diamonds.


2. Vintage Floral Nail Art

Going vintage is the answer, if you want to have that humble and classic look for your appearance. With vintage style of floral nail art design, you can express your eagerness to welcome the warm spring! After all, doesn’t the vintage style reminds you of some famous movie? Like ‘The Sound of Music’, for example.


3. Simple Miniature Flower

Expressing a floral nail art design for you who wait from winter to spring, is tricky sometimes. At times, you don’t really like having an obvious flower drawing on your nails, but at the same time, you also want your nails to describe spring. That’s why, you may try this design, that doesn’t have obvious flower painting, but with leaves and dots, it shows the spring perfectly.


4. Glitter Floral Nails

Luckily, this design doesn’t require expert painting skill. On top of that, you also don’t need much colours to begin with. Only with the desirable flower colour that you want and some shades of green for the leaves, you can get a minimalist yet simple flower nail art design this way. People can’t take away their eyes of your pretty nails and it’s really suitable for spring!


5. Express Winter to Spring with Acrylic Nails

Using acrylic nails also has its own advantages. First, you got a bigger canvas to unleash your creativity. Second, you can use any designs that you want without having to hurt your nails. Lastly, you can change the design easily right at the time you got bored. Since you’re using acrylic nails, the design can be anything!


6. Play with Gel Polish for Spring Nails

Gel polish takes longer time to dry, that’s a common knowledge. But, there are reasons about why this bothersome nail polish is still people’s favourite. One of that, is because gel polish can give you even better clear finishing than the other types of polish. When you want to decorate your nails with beautiful floral nail art design from nail tattoo, it is one of the best coat you can get.


7. Floral Garden on Your Nails

Instead of just one design, you can paint plenty of flower on your nails. Even better, you can just give your nails various flowers, to make an elaborate floral nail art design. It is beautiful and seems effortless at the same time. With just simple flowers, they already give your nails different looks!


8. One Big Petal for One Nail

Instead of drawing multiple types of flower, you can simply elevate your floral nail art design with changing the colour of the flower. Starting with paint a flower, then switch to another colour but with same type of flower. That way, it saves you time for thinking about design and you can also celebrate the coming of spring with your nails! Furthermore, it shows how big is your love for spring.


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