8 Gorgeous Women Hair Color Ideas You Will Totally Love

New year is coming, new style is appearing. 2020 starting the year by making hair color as a new trend. Many people have tried this new trend they love the result! Here are several ideas that become a hit as women hair color in 2020!

1. Blonde

Blonde is still a hit in 2020. Those who has fair and skin tone color will fall in love with this color on their hair. This women hair color will make them as a center wherever they are. This color will make you looks as bright as the sunshine!


2. Blue

No body knows that this women hair color will become a new trend in 2020. Going wild once in a blue moon is never wrong because that is how you express yourself. Loving yourself and be wild, girl! This blue color will help you expressing yourself in a crowd!


3. Red

Red can be described as another color of a wild woman hair color. This color really described that you are on fire and brave to express your soul. If you are in doubt to color your hair in full red, then you may try to highlight your hair. You will totally fall in love with the result!


4. Grey

Is grey hair even exist in the list of women hair color in 2020? It is a totally new trend, darling! Grey hair will help you look calm and gorgeous at the same time. This color will match every skin tone in every age.


5. Brunette

Brunette is an everlasting color in the list of woman hair color. This color will help you brighten up your face, so you look more cheerful without putting effort on it. It looks great when you put it in braids. This color will attracts men’s eyes to you for your beauty!


6. Neon

Create your identity by coloring your hair with neon color. Not many people are dare enough to try this neon color but wishing this color in women hair color is always. Having neon color will truly boost your confident up. So why don’t you try to color your hair with it?


7. Highlighted Hair

Highlight will never go wrong for every color in women hair color list. Highlight is the gradual blending of one color to another. Even super bright colors will have their calm sight when you try to apply this technique on your hair. This technique will also help you in giving accent even without any hair clips.


8. Brown

Brown is the most suitable color for every skin tone exist in this world. It is becoming one of the most favorite women hair color so far. It also helps you looks brighter and adds shine to your face. While it still help you manage your calm vibe by its sweetness.


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