20 Glamorous Long Acrylic Nail Art Design Ideas, It’s Definitely Something!

Acrylic nails are definitely one of the hottest trends in the nail art world right now! You can do lots of things on your acrylic nails. No wonder, there are various amazing long acrylic nail art design styles that you can see. Either from a famous influencer, magazine, even advertisement, you can use all of that as your inspiration. As you get a bigger canvas, you can do almost anything for your looks!

20 Fabulous Spring Short Nail Art Design Ideas that will Get You Noticed

Short nails are often considered unsuitable for nail art, especially since you will get a smaller canvas to paint something on your nails. But, people can’t always have their nails long due to various reasons. From work until daily necessities, having long nails is a privilege and may hinder you from having a good spring short nail art design. Luckily, in recent years, people began to develop fantastic nail art designs for short nails!

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